At Lamb & Walters we do so much more than strata property management. Ask some of our valued clients:

“Community living can be challenging and it is reassuring to know that we have the support and expertise of Lamb & Walters whenever we need it. Having their support and guidance has made all the processes so much easier for me.”

Genaro Scardinale, 21 Apartments, Dee Why

“Essential traits of a managing agent are their availability and their ability to react quickly and effectively to the issues raised by members of the Executive Committee. Nikki Hopkins has been outstanding in these regards, being accessible and diligent in her reactions.”

Greg Dresser, 86 apartments, Waitara

  “Lamb & Walters have always been polite, efficient and prepared to handle matters we raise with them. They attend our meetings and are fully prepared to cope with sometimes complex and difficult problems.”   Lionel Rodrigues, 220 apartments, The Rocks

“Integrity is a little like Big Foot, you know it’s out there, just hard to find. You and your company give me faith that Big Foot is alive and well. Thank you.”

Brett Montgomerie, Service Co-ordinator, KONE Elevators

“Lamb & Walters has always efficiently managed every aspect of the Strata Plan and in particular handles the many varied personalities during meetings in a friendly and professional manner.”

David Nicholson, 80 apartments, Dee Why

“Before switching to Lamb & Walters the service we were receiving was dreadful – and that is being kind. Since then, Nikki Hopkins and the professional team she has around her have provided the Executive Committee with clear directions, a person that is pro-active in ensuring the complex is well looked after and an extremely knowledgeable company in strata resolutions and law. We have never looked back and receive great advice, great service and a team that is first class. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Michael Griffiths,135 apartments, Manly Vale