Face mask rules from 11 October 2021

Current NSW health guidelines regarding face masks are below:

From 11 October 2021, face mask rules will change. People in Greater Sydney will no longer be required to carry a face mask with them, or wear a face mask outside, except in limited circumstances.

Everyone in NSW will be required to wear a face mask in:

• in an indoor area of premises other than a place of residence, or

• in an indoor area on common property for residential premises, or

• at a public transport waiting area or in a vehicle or vessel being used to provide • a public transport service, or

• working at a hospitality venue and dealing directly with members of the • public, or

• on a domestic commercial aircraft, including when the aircraft is flying above NSW.

Link to full page https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/rules/face-mask-rules

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